Time Management book

20/80 Time management – time and well being.


Time management is about well-being not to do lists!

Learn how state of mind is the foundation and the link to greater productivity and not an optional extra.

“…our underlying experience of life comes from our flow of thoughts and that effective time management comes from insight into how state of mind affects our ability to manage our productivity”.

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Books on time management often have a couple of similar points. One is that you have exactly as much time in your day as the most famous and successful person you admire. This never really helped me. As an example I read recently about how a successful author pushed her book up the Amazon charts. She lost me a few words in when she said, ‘…I was retired so I was able to spend 14 hour days promoting my book.”’ 

Well, shucks… Retired or not, I am not going to spend 14 hours a day doing anything. I am just not going to. So it occurred to me that part of time management was about what you are willing to do with the time you have. “

So, what are you willing to show up for? 

What do you think/feel that you have to show up for whether you want to or not?

After all, eating is good, having shelter is good and both of these take money for some (not entirely clear to me ) reason. Many of us cram a job we don’t really want to do into our lives in order to pay the bills. 

If that is you – you definitely need good time management skills…

And the good news is that if you get more time efficient with your job whilst doing it even better, your stress levels will go down and you will have more attention to show up for the good stuff.

£3.43 on Amazon


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