Radio Daze

Here’s a metaphor. 

When I was young I had a radio. I could control the volume, I could tune the dial into a radio station, or search for new stations. I had some preset buttons for stations. The radio had an aerial that I could point in various directions and try to get a better signal. 

The one thing I couldn’t control was what was coming through the airwaves. 

I would suggest our minds are very similar. We can control somethings but not others. For example I have little idea what thoughts will pass through consciousness in any given moment, yet there do seem to be some presets – my Monday morning waking up thoughts are quite consistent, for example. 

I think that this kind of metaphor links what can appear different worlds such as the Three Principles and a more active cognitive and technique rich approach such as self hypnosis. There is much I can do to tune into useful thoughts, productive habits and nurturing feelings.  

What is coming through the airwaves is not up to me. I can do quite a bit about what I tune into. 

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