Minding Matters

Oh no! We might actually have to do stuff 

(exerpt from Living Resilience)

As normal human beings having a normal daily experience through patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour we have built up over our current (and perhaps former) lifetimes, we are going to have good days and bad days, times when we are fountains of positivity and times when we are glum – chum.

That’s how life is and the good news is that we can learn to navigate the seas of reality without creating (too) many more problems and also become more resilient when time and tide, thought and feeling seem to be against us.

And it is all for the same reason as we have problems in the first instance. We are always living in the feeling of our thinking, the experience of our own consciousness.

Whatever is going on in the world only affects us psychologically through our minds and our thinking/feeling.

We can adopt perspectives on our experiencing of the events of life that take us towards peace rather than frenzy and frustration, we can learn specific skills that challenge and re assess or even re-form problematic thoughts and feelings. We can practice new responses so that they become what is natural to us.

It’s not magic, it’s scientific application and work – heavens to Betsy!

We actually have to do stuff in order to change! Who would have guessed it!

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