Making sense of Life

An extract from my current book project:

Where you make sense of your life from, of your work from, makes a difference. When we are in our busy thinking, intellectual, minds we can think up a storm. When we live in our thinking minds we create endless rules and distinctions, wonderful enquiries and arguments about how Things Are and Are Not, and then we discuss, dispute and argue the toss with other busy, intelligent minds doing exactly the same thing but who have reached different conclusions.  

We can spend a lifetime of delusion debating our various castles in the air. This becomes our life and we unconsciously presume its reality, and so it impacts us. One moment we can be absolutely sure that we will never eat cake/drink beer/smoke again…ever…with brass knobs on, honest, cross my fingers and hope to die… 

And then the next moment the feeling changes and we are in the kitchen joyfully, guiltily perhaps, devouring a slab of yumminess on a plate/slugging a cold one, drawing in that sweet smokiness… 

But that level of mind is not the only room in our house and it is not the only place that consciousness can visit and dwell in. We also have a capacity to step out of the busy mind and be in our ‘quiet mind’. 

(Living Resilience)


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