Chopping wood, sitting in front of the fire

Especially at times such as this when the world and its dog are working out how to create, manifest, attract and build the latest set of goals, it can be both difficult and refreshing to believe that Life itself is enough.

Well, enough when you have food, shelter and ‘the basics’; perhaps it’s enough even if you do not, but as I could not maintain equanimity in such dire circumstances I won’t claim it to be true.

I came across an interesting phrase a while ago about ‘letting Life do the heavy lifting’. It is a nice phrase and speaks to a sense of ease that we can have when everything is going our way, like sitting comfortably in front of an open fire.

What about when everything is not going our way?

Well, Life is still enough but what Life may require of us changes. If you want to sit in front of the fireplace you have to chop the wood first.

Some days are chopping days and some days are sitting days. It’s easier to recognise which is which when we have less ‘should, would, could and must’ on our minds. When the fog of our own thinking and feeling clears from our eyes we can see what else is there, and maybe it’s a sitting day and maybe it’s a chopping day!

Building the skills and strength to be able to tell the difference is a good idea. It would be a shame and yet all too common to believe it because we ‘thunk’ it…

There are lots of different ideas as to what helps in this respect. All choices are not equal. Going for a walk is not the same as a meditation practice whatever some of the ‘experts’ might say. But maybe going for  a walk would be enough for one person, or maybe an excuse not to do the work for another.

Make your own choices. Notice your results. Use your ‘noggin’.

Because some days are sitting by the fire days and some days are chopping days…

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