A Guided Life ?

The title comes from a Hay House radio show by Michael Neill.

A guided life?

I wonder what that means to you? Predestination? A wise purpose somehow etched in the soul? The (so called ) law of attraction?

The way Michael Neil used the idea was none of these (necessarily). In my understanding of what he said it was about being willing, being able enough to tune in to a ‘knowing’ that comes before/ independent of analytical thinking – and certainly not the ruminating and agonising we often give ourselves – but only all of us!

It is a knowing that can be accessed far more easily and without the contextual explanations that I naturally want to arrange decoratively around the actual experience.

Yes, or No

Not yes, but…

Not , no but I know I should if only…

Yes, or No

Should I leave my job?


Do I know how to get money to finance that?


It is a very simple and deep process. The question changes through the answer. I need to leave my job and don’t know how to at the moment. Not knowing is a step along the way. It may not be a step to knowing because that presupposes there is somewhere to get to.

I know


I don’t know

Now I can stop agonising about whether to leave or not. The journey has started. Now it’s about  creating/discovering the next part. And I won’t know until I know.

It is coming from peace rather than neediness And because it is coming from peace there is no strain. I can continue to feel fine in a job I am now in the process of leaving and do it as best I can.

And from time to time I will forget all that and get caught up in not wanting to be there. Then I wake up again, for a while. I suspect this is the human condition but most are too numbed out with stress drugs rock and roles to hear the …




Of course that is a part of what coaching from a Principles perspective is about. It’s the wake up game.


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